Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Style- Keep it real!!

Hello people...  It is always an amazing feeling when I get time to pen down few thoughts that cross my mind and am glad that a contest by Women’s Web has just come up with “the’ topic I cannot help but share my thoughts about. So more than the contest it is the topic which gets me all that excited..  So before I begin- there are some ground rules to follow eh? So here we go

This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and  Trishla emart

Now the topic really interests me for two reasons. 

1- I love the word “style”

 2- I want to make use of this opportunity to share couple of very critical messages which I think we are ignoring!

Style has varied meanings and depends on how one actually perceives it to be.. Let me begin by saying making an own style statement is very important!! Let me  try and give a perspective here – I  can walk into a meeting room in an ordinary “Salwar kurta”- but then it  has to be  neatly ironed, clean and I make sure the accessories I keep with me are just  simple and go well with the dress !- if you read this carefully am trying to draw  your attention to the fact that ”Style to me is something which makes me feel comfortable, confident and yes that gives me a good feeling” So it is all about  attitude!– by saying this am all for  ‘looking good ‘as well right? The point is ‘branded clothes’, cosmetics or a brilliant hair-do is just not enough to make that statement: you see? Point is how comfortable are you?  Isn’t it?   Now my sun sign suggests- “Libra woman is always conscious about what she wears, how she looks and stands out in the crowd”- btw this is true! but then I really do not have to overdo to make that statement! The point again being just be comfortable.(I can do all of this- by just wearing a simple white shirt and jeans but how I carry myself matters)  So people- the point am trying to drive home is:' it is  very important' to  get that attitude right, and it comes from keeping it simple and by just being comfortable.. Though everyone has different ways of doing it... so just want to say you really don’t have to be someone else to make a style statement- that is not happening! So my mantra has always been ” be yourself”.

Now coming to the real message I wanted to share with everyone and again this to me is very important aspect- so if I say- staying fit! Is the real style? How many of you agree with me? Well in theory yes – maybe? But how many of us are really taking care of this aspect? Folks- you can wear best of clothes or make-up etc- if you are not healthy or fit- it does not work out and you are just not doing any good to yourself... So to me my style is how I take care of my body..!! This to me is the real style? Don’t you all agree...? Now this is not easy-  and  no by staying fit I do not mean size “0” or stuff like that- all I mean is keep that balance – ‘if I am not asking myself how fit I am? Whether or not am getting all the health checks done?’- Then no am not doing any good!- This is definitely not my style – should never be anybody’s style either. Agree?  

I have experienced the pain of ignoring this important aspect and ‘believe you me’ it is tough and getting back in shape is really challenging- so prevention is better than cure correct? While it is important that you take care of how you look but the real thing is how much you care for yourself and it matters the most!. Staying fit as long as I live!!  That is” the “style.

I would be happy if I am able to convince one of you and for that matter a point of self introspection for me as well and thanks to Women’s web for running this contest. Just what the doctor ordered at least for me J

Please react to this with feedback folks..!! And yes go out there make your style statement but please remember staying fit matters the most! So let us keep it real!


Priyanka Rao

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Reason To Pray

Hello people.  It is always an amazing feeling when I get time to pen down few thoughts that cross my mind. Yes I know 2013 was all about self development but yeah sticking resolution would make us all winners easily isn’t it? :) ..

This time I am back due a tweet which asked us to share the reason for why we pray and I really wanted to share my thoughts

Let me begin by saying why do we all pray? Interesting question but I think I have a reason and am sure most of you can relate to what am going to say or perhaps agree as well. I think we all pray because we were taught to do so since the time we as kids became conscious of the senses. Well not a good reason then let me elaborate a bit.  I am sure people who are born in late 80's or even for that matter late 70's and early 80's can relate to what am saying..  Let’s go back to kindergarten eh? Remember how your grandparents gave you their blessings; you visited your family temple I mean the deity whom you worship? - Remember how they first made you worship Goddess Sarswasti - before sending you to school? Now why am saying all this- just trying to make a point about the concept of  praying being ingrained into us since we are kids..
Now am just talking about one culture- every culture pretty much has these practices? - Now you would ask me well this is not unknown we know all of this- but the point which am trying to draw your attention to  is- why our body, soul and mind is so much tuned to the fact  that we pray? The reason is we know there is something either within us or in this nature that listens to us? Now that is the supreme power and people call it varied forms of God... This tempts me to write a few lines about faith before I get on to what I actually wanted to share....

My grandma once told me this-- when I asked her, “Ajji now really does God exist?” She said ok- listen to this now. "Lord Vinshu, one day smiles and looked at , Goddess Lakshmi, who was anxious for no reason, He smiled and said "Beloved Goddess, why do you look perplexed? She smiled and said-  My Lord, everyone looks upon you as  the supreme father, Lord Vishnu laughs and acknowledges - so can you assure me that every life existing today is not  hungry? He said yes.  Surprised by the answer -She reaches her hair, opens her braid and from the hair braid she removes one small tiny box, where she had hidden an ant- and when she opens the box, she is wonder stuck- that ant was chewing a morsel of some grain"" 

Well by telling me this story my grandma only instilled faith in me. We all pray and that is because we believe. It is all in the mind. People argue about science, logic and the progress made by man in terms of scientific developments in every stream, hey all this was also possible because they believed it could be done.

I pray so that I get the confidence to achieve things which seem impossible, I pray to get energy to focus on developing myself. I pray for the very fact that am alive and it is the biggest miracle.. if you really look at how life is created and existing...   Coming from orthodox Brahmin family, since childhood I have seen many religious ceremonies, Saints coming home preaching of “The Gita”, Upanishads etc.. festivals celebrated in authentic ways but these are just rituals or methods to attain spiritualism... my reason to pray is simple, I believe there is an inner voice in me which basically reminds me about my existence, reminds me about what is right and what is wrong, reminds me about how beautiful life is and reminds me about my goals and how God has created me to be different and unique. I pray to remind myself that to be born as a human being is a blessing and doing what is right to be precise “being human” is the first step towards realizing the very reason of prayer!!

We all have experiences and I had mine too-just can't list them all but would like to end by saying there should be no reason for praying... One must pray to realize self. And I pray that we all get our share of prayers answered to be better human beings.

Until next time.. Cheers!
Priyanka Rao