Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Kill the Bin in you"

This week world woke up to the news which said "US forces Killed Bin Laden " When I heard this first, I went back down in the memory lane  Sep 9/11 2001 I was at GECIS office and the whole floor was astonished and bewildered by learning what happened at the twin towers.. I remember management and leadership with tense faces as they were enquiring the well being of few our colleagues who were near World Trade centre at that time...10 years ...  and here we are.... I was listening to the people on CNN near ground zero and felt for them, they all had lost their loved ones. The loss is irreparable.

Then I heard one girl who had lost her mother during this attack saying.. "I don’t see any closure, I'm glad the terrorist and the evil man is gone, but Hate for Hate can never get peace and love" This caught my attention.

We are living in the world where the values are diminishing with every second. And we hear people talking about closures on these kinds of issues. I mean I acknowledge the fact that it is a great win in the fight against terrorism... But the question I asked myself - "Is that it?"

Let’s take a pause and look at few things,. Starting from our house... We see people fighting, holding grudges, vowing to demean neighbours, friend’s colleagues as their selfish interest is not met, or there was misunderstanding- is this not thinking the Bin way- Vowing to kill values as something did not appease us, or is not according to us.

Innocent people are killed, Arunima -national player. How low can we get? She lost her leg and the politicians talk about her conspiring to get a job??  Thousands of poor farmers are killed, every year. Politicians are just making money. This is not the story of one city or state, but every country and nation. Why? This is a bigger question at a different level and the point is what about the Bin in us? I mean the thought process we all live with.- Hate, jealousy, grudges... this progresses further as vengeance- sounds philosophical but isn’t this true.??.  In school our teachers and during bedtime our grandmother’s used to teach us- Learn to forgive, love all, and treat one and all as self-. These days’ people who possess these values are considered fools- not exaggerating but it is a fact...

We as a young nation should look back at our culture, value system, and principles. It is an uphill task but not difficult. Charity begins at home and so does the power to love all, give peace and spread non violence. If we have to wipe out terrorism. It cannot just happen by capturing “one Bin Laden”. It is by killing the very root. Wipe the Bin like thinking. I'm just using this name - as we have heard about his deeds which killed so many innocent lives. Nothing against that name personally. The message is kill the bin in you!


Sunday, May 1, 2011


It is just another day. With an agenda just as regular as ever...  Ever wondered why life has become so mechanical?? And it is not just with a group of people or a particular working stream but almost everybody.

I was on my way to work on a Friday, was stuck in a traffic jam waiting for signal to break. Looked around... and to my disbelief I saw everywhere around waiting as though they are waiting in an emergency ward... "Tension” is what I saw on all the faces as I looked around...

The point, Life has become so mechanical that we have forgotten the very essence of life.. We all are running after something without even knowing whether we really want it.. And 24 hours are not enough to do anything.

Now I started thinking, when I was in school. Well I was on the same planet, there were same kind of people around, I was eating same food  what I eat now  I did more things and had so much time left to play, cultivate hobbies, visit relatives and RELAX.  WHAT CHANGED??

Today with technology at its best and accessible, ATM and credit cards, different methods of conveyance, the magical internet, MOBILE phones –iPads and iPhones better with each version... Why is there a feeling that there is no time left in the day, why is there a feeling with every second person that the day is too short and there is too much do...? Why Life appears so technical and difficult?  Is advancement not better?

I began to think and started retrospection... We all have become non thinkers, we look for the comfort which is temporary, slowly but surely complacency has set in...

Looking at the mad rush at the traffic signal I realized that Speed is important but there has to be a meaning to why we are doing what we are doing?  I decided to stop and take my mind few years back...the missing factor clearly was again the thinking... Now Can I associate this phenomenon with everything and everyone??Well if not entirely but in some way or the other.. We all are running behind getting comfortable temporarily and not really thinking about small details.... Well to be really basic- things were more organized, efficient and healthier before..the need of the hour is retrospection to bring peace, sanity and blissful days back.....