Sunday, January 30, 2011


Small Wish whispered in my ears,
Hush said my mind and said Compromise,
Crush said my heart and said I Compromise,
Compromise, Compromise why Compromise,

I want to fly, and fly so high!
Hush said the World, and Said Compromise,
Crush said my Heart and Said I compromise,
Compromise, Compromise Why Compromise,

I will fight all odds, and go running after my dreams,
Hush said the responsibilities and said Compromise,
Crush said my heart and Said I Compromise,
Compromise, Compromise Why Compromise,

I won’t give up as Yet; I care to achieve my dreams,
Hush said the Hurdles of life, and said Compromise,
Crush Said my heart and Said I compromise,
Compromise, Compromise Why Compromise,

No No, Not anymore can I Compromise,
Hush said the Commitments and said you are all about Compromise
Crush said my Heart and Said I Compromise
Compromise, Compromise Why Compromise.

Responsibilities, Commitments, Hurdles, Sacrifices Let them all be
Hush Said I and said now no Compromise
Yes Said my Heart and Said I won't Compromise
Compromise, Compromise, No More Compromise.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Chase!!

It has been9+ long years that I have started to work...Time flies and it really does! It just feels like yesterday. As I was looking back and all these years I feel it was not that bad :)) was rich with learning every day...  Today I want to write a few lines about the restaurant of which I have very fond memories... Those who have worked at iProcess/GECIS "the now GENPACT" would for sure remember this place.... It must be Nov/Dec 2002 or Feb/March 2003.. After the dinner at this famous restaurant. My close pal "We were called as Siamese Twins"-. oops said I-.."mein apana wallet desk pe bhool gayi" ah said she... I didn’t get it either ... We told the manager at the restaurant- We will be back in ten minutes as we were his regular guests he said “NO Problem”. We got out of the restaurant and unmindful of the money we have to pay – we decided to go for our usual walk...  We took a different route and there were two standing near the railing as though they were leaning against it...  So scared were we of the stray dogs – we started walking fast- the dogs started to follow us perhaps they did not like the location either and wanted to move,,, “Then the fun started- for which I still don’t know the reason both me and my friend screamed as though we were going to eaten up by a Lion and started running- and the dogs started the chase- The scene was so comic people who were sitting near the resting area at cyber towers stood by and started to enjoy the running race- Now the huddle race had turn into long jump.. Both of us jumped off the railing and the dogs did the same.. We finally reached the reception area and the dogs were no were in the scene.... W were grasping for breath and thirsty thought we will go and have lime soda at the same restaurant- and when we went in... The Manager said “Anything for the dogs”???J Laughs!! How I wish I get to meet my freind and go back to the same place .. Not sure if the Manager still works there!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Few Good Men!!

Sun Still rises, Earth Still revolves, Night Still Falls, Climate Still Changes,
Men, come and Men Go but Few Good Men are hard to Find,
In this ever changing world, where Truth is diminishing value,
Few Good Men are hard to find. Yet there is a ray of Hope,
Few people are still alive for whom being good and helpful is still a charm,
Few good men though are hard to find but still are around!

These few lines are for such few good people who have been around me!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Misery of my right Leg!

Well all excited I was to take my long due vacation to go home (Hyd)... Saving money in today's ever so expensive world decided to take a bus. Ah gone are those days which were making our flourishing airline Industry richer each day. Courtesy "yours truly" :-). The real story is about the return journey. So to give it some introduction let me start..  " pack your bags" said my Mom on 9-1-2011 , I shrugged my shoulders and said I haven’t open it since I arrived anyway, we have a late night bus on 10-1-2011 so there!! .. I felt that I just said that and it was 6PM 10th Jan- and my Dad said we must leave in next 30 minutes. Next 30 minutes "HUH" the bus is @ 9:45PM and we have to leave in next 30 minutes?? Then he said nope by 7:30 ... Irritated with the fact that I would not be taking a flight and will miss the expensive my favourite mocha at airport I started packing my unpacked bag "laughs"!! I was surprised I saw a good shopping bag tied up like a sack, to satisfy my inquisitive hunger.. I asked my mom "What is in there"?? Mud with Manure for my plants in Bangalore-- ah and next to it was a big cloth bag-she had put utensils - I was like WHY??? You don’t have any @ your house. I need them.. Imagine I had to travel in a bus with a mud sack and a cloth bag... oops... ok. Saving was the hour of the day "My dad said let’s take a rickshaw”.. At 8PM I left and was at the bus station by 8:20PM... Now the fun started- very curious looking man was at the counter in the so called "X travels" spoke in Kannada to me asking why was I so early and the bus is going to come late... well what could I say.... okie now.... with more than 2 hour waiting the bus arrived - we put all our luggage and boarded it.. A4 and B4 were our seats; i said I will take the window seat. My mom looked at me innocently and said ok do I keep your laptop bag in the over head cabin?? I said no- she said ok. I adjusted the seat and tried to remove my shoes... ouch... there was the cloth bag on which I found my laptop bag ... and my leg between them... finally i took it out and told my mom...this is the last time I'm travelling in the bus... alright it was night and I had to sleep.. I kept my left leg on foot rest and other leg on the bag/sack arrangement- poor leg failed to understand why I wore my shoes to make matters worse. Well it was cold... While I thought it was little comfortable. There was mosquito... and it bit my leg which was already in misery!! I moved my leg from foot rest and put it on the seat...And fell asleep...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bangalore Nights...

The days were busy and nights were lazy,
The air in the City was hazy and breezy,
I landed in the strange city in a hurry,
Oh the land lady was she so weary,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The welcome was so very grand,
All I knew I had to give away every penny in hand!
Excitement fun with lot of Time in hand.
I found people around me whose names I wrote in sand,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Geared up was all I, landed at work oh I was on a high,
Selfish was the place of work oh no i had to cry,
Friends I made familiar to my eye, oh that was I Sigh,
Hope I had and believe I can fly,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Midnight Oil is what I burnt,
Gave away my best stunt,
Earned my bread and that was not a hunt,
My success and wisdom made people grunt,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Friends I made with a stranger who was so weird
Love, care, tear and penny on which I Shed,
Is this real or a bluff or a deceit, I feared,
Stranger, stranger do you care?? Stranger never bothered,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The night was dark and appeared frightening,
Alas there was a rain with lightning,
Stranger friend was an enemy I was sleeping along
She had eyes of deer and venom in the heart left me crying.
I was in the Bangalore City!

My pride wisdom and success all was gone,
Nothing to do but  to brood alone,
Few good friends still said all is not gone,
Hope is there and truth can never be gone,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The day was bright and Hope Smiled
I told myself I’m here to win and i never lied,
Care, Love and tear still there and all of that would be on self I never lied,
Truth is bitter but life gives opportunity to correct and I vowed and i never lied,
I was in the Bangalore City!

 As I write these lines of my first poem,
I take a vow to make every bit of my life a song,
No more tear and no more fear for people who don't deserve,
The air in city is still hazy and Breezy,
Oh I'm still in the Bangalore City!!