Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bangalore Nights...

The days were busy and nights were lazy,
The air in the City was hazy and breezy,
I landed in the strange city in a hurry,
Oh the land lady was she so weary,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The welcome was so very grand,
All I knew I had to give away every penny in hand!
Excitement fun with lot of Time in hand.
I found people around me whose names I wrote in sand,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Geared up was all I, landed at work oh I was on a high,
Selfish was the place of work oh no i had to cry,
Friends I made familiar to my eye, oh that was I Sigh,
Hope I had and believe I can fly,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Midnight Oil is what I burnt,
Gave away my best stunt,
Earned my bread and that was not a hunt,
My success and wisdom made people grunt,
I was in the Bangalore City!

Friends I made with a stranger who was so weird
Love, care, tear and penny on which I Shed,
Is this real or a bluff or a deceit, I feared,
Stranger, stranger do you care?? Stranger never bothered,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The night was dark and appeared frightening,
Alas there was a rain with lightning,
Stranger friend was an enemy I was sleeping along
She had eyes of deer and venom in the heart left me crying.
I was in the Bangalore City!

My pride wisdom and success all was gone,
Nothing to do but  to brood alone,
Few good friends still said all is not gone,
Hope is there and truth can never be gone,
I was in the Bangalore City!

The day was bright and Hope Smiled
I told myself I’m here to win and i never lied,
Care, Love and tear still there and all of that would be on self I never lied,
Truth is bitter but life gives opportunity to correct and I vowed and i never lied,
I was in the Bangalore City!

 As I write these lines of my first poem,
I take a vow to make every bit of my life a song,
No more tear and no more fear for people who don't deserve,
The air in city is still hazy and Breezy,
Oh I'm still in the Bangalore City!!

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