Saturday, January 15, 2011

Misery of my right Leg!

Well all excited I was to take my long due vacation to go home (Hyd)... Saving money in today's ever so expensive world decided to take a bus. Ah gone are those days which were making our flourishing airline Industry richer each day. Courtesy "yours truly" :-). The real story is about the return journey. So to give it some introduction let me start..  " pack your bags" said my Mom on 9-1-2011 , I shrugged my shoulders and said I haven’t open it since I arrived anyway, we have a late night bus on 10-1-2011 so there!! .. I felt that I just said that and it was 6PM 10th Jan- and my Dad said we must leave in next 30 minutes. Next 30 minutes "HUH" the bus is @ 9:45PM and we have to leave in next 30 minutes?? Then he said nope by 7:30 ... Irritated with the fact that I would not be taking a flight and will miss the expensive my favourite mocha at airport I started packing my unpacked bag "laughs"!! I was surprised I saw a good shopping bag tied up like a sack, to satisfy my inquisitive hunger.. I asked my mom "What is in there"?? Mud with Manure for my plants in Bangalore-- ah and next to it was a big cloth bag-she had put utensils - I was like WHY??? You don’t have any @ your house. I need them.. Imagine I had to travel in a bus with a mud sack and a cloth bag... oops... ok. Saving was the hour of the day "My dad said let’s take a rickshaw”.. At 8PM I left and was at the bus station by 8:20PM... Now the fun started- very curious looking man was at the counter in the so called "X travels" spoke in Kannada to me asking why was I so early and the bus is going to come late... well what could I say.... okie now.... with more than 2 hour waiting the bus arrived - we put all our luggage and boarded it.. A4 and B4 were our seats; i said I will take the window seat. My mom looked at me innocently and said ok do I keep your laptop bag in the over head cabin?? I said no- she said ok. I adjusted the seat and tried to remove my shoes... ouch... there was the cloth bag on which I found my laptop bag ... and my leg between them... finally i took it out and told my mom...this is the last time I'm travelling in the bus... alright it was night and I had to sleep.. I kept my left leg on foot rest and other leg on the bag/sack arrangement- poor leg failed to understand why I wore my shoes to make matters worse. Well it was cold... While I thought it was little comfortable. There was mosquito... and it bit my leg which was already in misery!! I moved my leg from foot rest and put it on the seat...And fell asleep...

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