Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Chase!!

It has been9+ long years that I have started to work...Time flies and it really does! It just feels like yesterday. As I was looking back and all these years I feel it was not that bad :)) was rich with learning every day...  Today I want to write a few lines about the restaurant of which I have very fond memories... Those who have worked at iProcess/GECIS "the now GENPACT" would for sure remember this place.... It must be Nov/Dec 2002 or Feb/March 2003.. After the dinner at this famous restaurant. My close pal "We were called as Siamese Twins"-. oops said I-.."mein apana wallet desk pe bhool gayi" ah said she... I didn’t get it either ... We told the manager at the restaurant- We will be back in ten minutes as we were his regular guests he said “NO Problem”. We got out of the restaurant and unmindful of the money we have to pay – we decided to go for our usual walk...  We took a different route and there were two standing near the railing as though they were leaning against it...  So scared were we of the stray dogs – we started walking fast- the dogs started to follow us perhaps they did not like the location either and wanted to move,,, “Then the fun started- for which I still don’t know the reason both me and my friend screamed as though we were going to eaten up by a Lion and started running- and the dogs started the chase- The scene was so comic people who were sitting near the resting area at cyber towers stood by and started to enjoy the running race- Now the huddle race had turn into long jump.. Both of us jumped off the railing and the dogs did the same.. We finally reached the reception area and the dogs were no were in the scene.... W were grasping for breath and thirsty thought we will go and have lime soda at the same restaurant- and when we went in... The Manager said “Anything for the dogs”???J Laughs!! How I wish I get to meet my freind and go back to the same place .. Not sure if the Manager still works there!!

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