Sunday, July 10, 2011

Habitual Certainties

This afternoon came across this tweet" Letting go of our habitual certainties opens the   doorway to creativity" started pondering about it while... I was waiting to wash my hair - had to rush out for shopping so could not complete this post.  Coming back to this tweet- how true it is isn’t it?? From past few months I was just not able to adjust to a fact that why do things, people change all of a sudden- I mean just like there is a new day everyday... thinking more and more I could relate to this tweet... At times all of us just do things as we feel it is a certainty but in fact every day we are a new person... We hold back on new thoughts due to these habitual constraints and later realise what we are messing up with.

Now there is one program that is telecasted on one of the "Dharmic" is called as "awakening with Brahma kumari's" -hold on don't go by the name- the topics discussed there are just to do with the above mentioned feeling.. We have to accept the fact that every day we are a new person and we have to let the thing or the person the way they are i.e. by not making it or them as a habitual certainty... Example I tell myself someone who is a very close to me is not giving me time- and then this becomes a certainty, then I start questioning the person rather than letting go of the certainty...  It is easier said than done but while I was thinking about it- it just occurred to me that yes... I feel this disturbance is what I'm making it as a certainty. If i just let go of it and accept the change- the result might be just amazing....

Wanted to share this as by trying to see others the way you want to or by getting upset with these certainties we harm the inner mind- which is the way you think- and it damages your creative mind. I have kind of related to this. I will practice it for a day and make it a habit to let go of habitual certainties!!

Priyanka Rao!

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