Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Food for Thought"

We really are seeing rains aren't we? Yes the smell of first rain makes us feel so fresh. It was raining last week and I was hurrying to catch a rick to get to work...and what I saw on the way stayed with me the whole day at work... I was aghast by what I saw. I know there might be other ghastly things in this world but for me that moment was really heartrending ... This was too much for me to take...Before getting to what upset me - let me just switch gears to a different topic.

How many times during school- we left a little portion of milk in our glass, and how many times mom would have said "don’t waste milk, few kids do not get to drink milk ever in their life", how many times we leave dinner unfinished? and Mom pleads to finish everything on the plate, How many times we go out buy stuff and throw it saying "well not nice or oh I'm stuffed".. Well I'm feeling guilty of doing all this....

What I saw that day made me take an oath not to waste any food ever. I saw a dog eating cow dung he finished up the entire thing in few seconds he was that hungry L

Food for thought really is. We must do something for these helpless animals not much but the food we waste can be shared with them to  start with. Let us all  take an oath that we will never waste a single morsel. I will never.

Priyanka Rao

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  1. Short and simple message Priyanka. We all see similar incidents in day to day life but turn a blind eye. I follow it religiously but generally over eat
    With an intension of not wasting food :-)..