Saturday, February 16, 2013

Miss You! “Uncle SAM”

Well, it has been quite a while since I last visited my blog. Need to do lot of clean ups I must say J
Let us see oops it’s been months- and we have seen several changes – ah ah we witnessed first ever youth protest in our country against social violence, indicating progressive thoughts, oops we have just escaped asteroid.. Oh no what I see Chopper Scam!! Well..Let me come back to what I would like to share with you all today and this was in my mind from almost over 11 months now.
Today I thought would talk about something which everyone of us can relate with and yet when the moment is there we just procrastinate.
Now how many times have not felt oh “I love my Mom and she is an angel” but I ignore giving her little time, I fight with her for petty issues- ah I must tell her how much I love her- or “Rahul is my best friend I have been ignoring him but I must tell him, I am so busy with my work I can’t give him time” ?? Well not just family but there are several instances when we know there are so many people around us who mean a lot to us and it is just by choice or force or a reason we often miss spending time with them or letting them know what they mean to us.. But hang on--- we all know something is inevitable right?? You will never know when you will one day want to tell everything to your dear friend but she is gone…

Uncle Sam- well last summer my uncle passed away and he was the one whom we really  loved talking to you- he was quite, not complicated, humorous – the best part about him was he had an uncanny knack of brining smile on just about anybody’s face… That is a great quality.. Isn’t   it?  The other thing which we relate to him was his fitness. Since the time I started realizing facts of the world I have seen him Slim and  fit – he was just the same till his last breathe- so it was a big shocker for us in the family to see him go away – he had no aliments – one Friday night of March 29, 2012 –I was talking to my friend.. My dad came running gasping for breath – and started dressing up- I asked what happened. He said “Uncle” is not opening his eyes not sure what’s up… L
When we reached we learnt about the loss which is irreparable.. Ok hang on – now this is fact of life so “you would ask me” what is the message? Well the first 13 days after my uncle passed away I realized something- It was the moment of truth- and my key message..  I saw tears in eyes of my Dad- remembering how he got help in college days  from his brother, and that he never expressed it to him about what he meant, My aunt- who was in tears ( uncle’s sister) she was devastated- for not answering his call- as they had some argument and she was upset, ) Many stories came up… and I- always wanted to tell this uncle- he really makes me laugh and forget my issues whenever I meet him in family gathering- but gone--- I could never do it!!

So people, we are busy, everyone is but look around- there would be someone who matters to you most and he or she does not need anything but just your time to say- how much they mean to you or- there might be friends who unconditionally love you, care for you and you ignore them- I am not doing a human emotion gyan session- nor writing just for the sake of it… This is a fact and sooner we realize the better it is… As we all know- it is one life, and nobody knows what is in store- so let us live happy and long and ensure there are no regrets when we look back- in life especially when it comes to human relations!

This is in dedication to my uncle-and why I say “uncle Sam” because he loved West, he had knowledge about America, its history , Hollywood- and l have a feeling he wanted to visit that place too… but could never.. But I am sure where ever he is- he is making some one laugh with his wit and humor!!


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  1. I am amazed at your excellent choice of words to express yourself Priyanka!! It's true... all the things you said about him & the simple message that you've tried to convey. In these few minutes while I was going through your blog, I felt as if I relieved the short funny moments that I spent with him. My most recent one was in 2011. Somehow somewhere perhaps we tend to assume that the ones that spread joy and who are always smiling have a perfect life and will live forever. But may be for our uncle, he will live forever in our memories.. with that ever green smile and the witty one liners.